Blue Orchid Face Oil Treatment?

Answer Huile Orchidee Bleue is a best-selling skin-care product from the French skin care company Clarins. Recommended for dehydrated skin, Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is used as a facial treatment after clea... Read More »

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What Is the Name of the Dark Blue & Purple Orchid?

The orchid includes a long history of association with love and luxury. Elizabethans believed that satyrs, the half-man half-beast creatures of Greek mythology, fed on the beautiful orchids that em... Read More »

Dry Face Skin Treatment?

Dry facial skin is recognizable by its tight and dull appearance. Skin cells are born in the lowest level of epidermis (basal layer) and are made up of keratin, which increases in volume as cells r... Read More »

Face Whitening Treatment?

For reasons ranging from embarrassing acne scars to cultural pressure, CNN reports that demand for face whitening has occurred across the globe for centuries. While surgeries bring more immediate r... Read More »

Face Abrasion Treatment?

A face abrasion treatment is what the name implies. It can be likened to sanding away unwanted layers of skin, and it is often as painful as it sounds. Facial abrasion treatments are called dermabr... Read More »