Blue Atlas Cedar Information?

Answer Cedars are needled evergreen trees that are considered to be the most noble and grandeur of the conifers. Although they appear rather forlorn in youth, the combination of size and grace that accomp... Read More »

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How do i prune weeping blue atlas cedar?

Locate new growth by noticing the bright green new branches. Trim back new growth that interferes with pathways or in areas where you don't want growth. Cut these branches right after the first for... Read More »

How do i transplant a weeping blue atlas cedar?

Transplant informationTransplant and move plants in late February and March, while they are dormant in USDA hardiness zones 6 through 9. It is easier to transplant weeping blue atlas cedars grown i... Read More »

How do I fertilize a weeping blue atlas cedar tree?

First Application MethodSprinkle 10-8-6 fertilizer under the weeping blue atlas cedar's branches every two to five years in April. 10-8-6 refers to the percent of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium... Read More »

How to Grow Blue Atlas Cedar Trees in Georgia?

Native to Morocco and Algeria, the blue atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) produces bluish-green foliage that gives a stately appearance as it drapes along the soil line. This handsome evergreen grows ... Read More »