Blu-ray burner vs Dual Layer DVD burner?

Answer Hi..A CD burner will.Burn and play CD'sA Dual Layer DVD burner will.Play and burn single layer 4.7GB and dual Layer 8,5 DVD's.. as well as your CD,s..A Blu-ray " burner " will play and do all the ... Read More »

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What does dual-layer DVD/RW burner mean?

When shopping for optical drives, you will encounter many acronyms and other jargon. There are quite a few ways you can refer to a DVD burner, and several things to consider before you purchase one... Read More »

What is the definition of dual-layer burner?

A dual-layer burner is any DVD burner that can record a dual-layer DVD. A dual-layer burner may be of the DVD+RW format, the DVD-RW format or both.DefinitionDual-layer burners operate on the capabi... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My Burner Supports Dual Layer DVD Media?

DVD burners had been available for quite some time before dual layer recordable DVDs began to appear on the market. As a result, some older DVD burners are unable to support the newer dual layer me... Read More »

What is a double layer dvd burner?

Double-layer DVDs are a technology that increased the maximum amount of information that can be stored on a digital video disc.DVD BurnerA DVD Burner is a DVD drive that is used to write content, b... Read More »