Blowdown Treatments for a Cooling Tower?

Answer A cooling tower is a heat transfer equipment primarily used to remove the heat absorbed by the circulating cooling fluid systems in refineries, petrochemical complexes, power plants and other indus... Read More »

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How to Test a Cooling Tower?

Cooling towers are a vital safety element for many different types of manufacturing and chemical processes, including power stations and oil refineries. They take heat out of the process and releas... Read More »

Cooling tower are rusty already .?

Get in contact with a company called Evapco. They have their own website and should have a rep in your area.They have a rubber type lining that they put into galvanized cooling towers to completel... Read More »

Cooling Draft Tower Ideas?

Cooling towers can be categorized by the type of cooling that takes place. Either mechanical or natural draft cooling can be used to reduce the temperature of water emitted from a power plant. Cool... Read More »

How to Determine the Resonant Frequency of a Cooling Tower Fan?

Determining the resonant frequency of a cooling tower fan, or any object, requires finding the frequency at which the fan will respond to vibrations. When an object resonates, any vibrations are am... Read More »