Bloom Time for Texas Muhly Grass?

Answer The Texas muhly grass (Muhlenbergia lindheimerii) grows naturally only in the Edwards Plateau of south-central Texas, in the counties to the northwest of the Big Bend. Overshadowed in garden setti... Read More »

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Is muhly grass different from pink muhly grass?

Pink muhly is only one of 23 types of the muhly family of grasses that grow in clumps. Used as a decorative grass in the garden, pink muhly is also known as hairy or gulf muhly.References:Lady Bird... Read More »

How do I plant muhly grass?

Dig a hole large enough to hold the root ball of the muhly grass plant in an area that receives full sunlight and has well drained soil.Place the root ball in the hole and cover it with soil. Tamp ... Read More »

How much sun does the pink muhly grass need?

Pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) is an ornamental grass with glossy, dark-green leaves and pink or purple clump-like flowers that dry to a shade of light buff. Highly drought-tolerant, pi... Read More »

Does Pink Muhly Grass Grow Flowers?

Few plants are as deceiving in appearance as pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris). Its finely textured foliage and hazy pink flowers give this native grass a delicate charm, but in reality mu... Read More »