Blood in stool when strained Frequent urge for bowel movement (2-3 times an hour)?

Answer maybe you need to see the doctor. take an examination

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What is considered frequent urination in early pregnancy Is the urge of having to GO every hour and a half considered frequent?

Answer No, like everything else there is a wide variation, some women need to go every hour, and others (myself included) have no increase in frequency at all.If you find it is burning/painful/sme... Read More »

Is a vaginal discharge normal when you have a bowel movement?

White or clear vaginal discharge is completely normal for women on a daily basis, since the vagina is always cleaning itself. It is normal to have a discharge while having a bowel movement, since y... Read More »

Why does a Young childhave discomfort when passing a bowel movement?

How do blind people know when they're finished wiping following a bowel movement?

I didn't know blind people have bowel movements, that's like so emo.