Blood in stool when strained Frequent urge for bowel movement (2-3 times an hour)?

Answer maybe you need to see the doctor. take an examination

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What is considered frequent urination in early pregnancy Is the urge of having to GO every hour and a half considered frequent?

Answer No, like everything else there is a wide variation, some women need to go every hour, and others (myself included) have no increase in frequency at all.If you find it is burning/painful/sme... Read More »

Is frequent urination or the urge to urinate a sign of weight loss or pregnancy?

Answer This is one sign of pregnancy - do you have any other symptoms? Missed period? Sore breasts?If you are trying to lose weight, you may find you are drinking more water to try and fill up y... Read More »

What can you take while pregnant to have a bowel movement?

Try adding natural sources of fiber to your diet. Try things like high fiber breads, cereals, oatmeal, nuts, fresh or dried fruits, fresh or dried berries, and vegetables.If it continues to be an i... Read More »

What can you take to have a bowel movement and im pregnant?

Answer No it is not usually a sign of pregnancy but a sign of some other condition or problem. Generally thick white discharge is associated with a yeast infection but can also be a symptom of an ... Read More »