Answer Xanga has fairly basic privacy controls. There's an option where you can limit viewers of certain journal entries to users in a predefined list, but Xanga Classic (the free one) only allows up to ... Read More »

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How to Begin Blogging?

Are you ready to blog? Blogging is for people who want to inform the world of something they love to talk about. You just write from the heart and you can make money!let's get started!

How to Be Successful in Blogging?

Blogs, originally called Web Logs, are a form of website in which you write in like a journal. Writing in web logs, called "Blogging," is becoming more and more popular in circles relating to every... Read More »

How to Get a Paid Blogging Job?

Getting paid to blog can be a great way to make supplemental income, and in many cases, can be turned into a full-time job opportunity. To get a paid blogging job, you will usually need experience ... Read More »

How to Use Trackback when Blogging?

A "trackback" is one way for bloggers to communicate between their web-blogs. If another blogger wishes to share information on the article via their own web-blog, trackback will ping the original ... Read More »