Block Sanding Tips?

Answer You must block sand the bodywork of a car before applying the paint to attain a perfect finish. Pack dents or scratches with an appropriate filler and hammer flat any high spots. Rub smooth the ent... Read More »

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Wet Block Sanding an Auto: Tips & Tricks?

Wet block sanding can quickly cause major damage to a paint job if not done correctly. Taking the time to evaluate the necessity of using wet block sanding is just as important as using proper prep... Read More »

How to Fold Sandpaper on a Block for Wet Sanding?

Wet sanding is a process of preparing a painted surface for final buffing and polishing. While some technicians use their hands for this operation, it is well accepted in the auto refinishing commu... Read More »

Paint Block Sanding Techniques for Autos?

Block-sand your car's body during a spray-paint job to create a surface for the paint to stick to. Although poor sanding techniques may result in sanding scratches and wavy panels, these techniques... Read More »

Tips on Sanding Floors?

In addition to raising property value, wood flooring enhances the beauty of a home. The natural style of wood flooring complements any color scheme and makes decorating easy. Consequently, the time... Read More »