Bloating and a lot of gas after beer?

Answer That is alcohol at it best. Its not the beer its any drink with ethanol, period. The light beer issue is your ignorant anti-light beer campaign now in its 5th year on Yahoo Answers. Get over it, yo... Read More »

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Why would you have period like bloating 1 day after ovulation?

Answer Some women experience symptoms with ovulation while others never notice it at all. Bloating, cramping, craving, all the typical signs of PMS can be signs of ovulation also. If it continue... Read More »

I have Light bleeding after my period and now bloating and cramping is this normal?

This is completely normal to have. If these symptoms are causing problems for you see the doctor. The doctor may recomend a pill such as Pamprin to reduce these symptoms. Don't worry, lots of peopl... Read More »

Is it OK to drive after one beer / wine?

One drink should not impair your decision making process, unless you belong to that 1/3 of the population that has no tolerance for alcohol.That said, please remember that probationary drivers CAN ... Read More »

Why do I throw up after drinking beer?

Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach. Your body's natural response is to throw up to try and get rid of the alcohol before it can damage the stomach any more. You should always have somethi... Read More »