Blitz Turbo Timer Instructions?

Answer Installing a Blitz Turbo Timer ensures the longevity of the turbo on your car. After an aggressive drive or being driven for a long period, a turbocharger builds up a lot of heat. If the engine is ... Read More »

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How to Install a Honda Blitz Auto Turbo Timer?

Installing a turbo timer on your Honda alongside a custom turbo kit will help you ensure the turbocharger's reliability. Since most turbo systems are lubricated with oil, turning your Honda off aft... Read More »

Apexi Turbo Timer Instructions?

On a turbocharged car, it is a good idea to let the engine run at idle for a short time before the motor is turned off, particularly if the car has just been driven aggressively. Turbos produce a l... Read More »

Greddy Turbo Timer Instructions?

During normal operation, the turbo in a turbocharged car reaches very high temperatures. The turbo is generally cooled by the engine's oil supply, which is routed to the turbo. When the motor is tu... Read More »

How to Use a Turbo Timer?

If you own a turbocharged car, installing and learning how to use a turbo timer will help your turbo last for many years to come, with less chance of it failing. A turbo timer is a device that is w... Read More »