Blister under toenail, swollen cuticle :(?

Answer Get toenail protector from here. it really helps you..

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What do i do if my Ingrown toenail is swollen and bleeding alot?

You wind the toe with a cloth wet with thick salty solution which you have to prepare by dissolving two table spoon of common salt and water and boiling it. After cooling wet the cloth tie it very ... Read More »

Brown spot on/or under toenail?

I think If you have that concern,you should go to the doctor and get It check out.Discover additional info and products from my blog regarding Foot Cramps.

How to get rid of blood clot under toenail?

The easiest way is to let the toenail grow out. I've had it before, and the blood stayed with the nail and was gone in a matter of months. If you wanted to, you could dig the thing out with a knife... Read More »

How to cleanse (my old dad's) new skin under removed blister on foot without pain?

I think this is a better question for the doctor.But plain ole soap and water, then allowing it to breathe a little, seems like my likeliest course of action.