Blighted tomatoes safe?

Answer yes they are safe.

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Are Hydroponic Tomatoes Safe?

The nutrient solution used to grow hydroponic tomatoes contains the same chemicals and nutrients contained in conventional fertilizer. Hydroponic tomatoes are cleaner and better for the environment... Read More »

What does blighted mean?

The noun "blight" is any disease that affects plants. The verb "blighted" means to infect plants with blight while the adverb "blighted" refers to a plant infected with blight. In the informal sens... Read More »

Has anyone ever had a blighted ovum and a sucessful pregnancy from the same batch of embryos ?

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating it is.I know several women who have had blighted ovums that used frozen embryos from that cycle that went on to have successful pregnancies!!! I... Read More »

Will It Affect My Tomatoes & Cause Walnut Wilt If My Tomatoes Are Near Pecan Trees?

Walnut wilt is a common disease of tomatoes grown within the extended root system of the black walnut tree or pecan tree. Other trees like sugar maple, hackberry and American elm produce similar ch... Read More »