Blighted tomatoes safe?

Answer yes they are safe.

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Are Hydroponic Tomatoes Safe?

The nutrient solution used to grow hydroponic tomatoes contains the same chemicals and nutrients contained in conventional fertilizer. Hydroponic tomatoes are cleaner and better for the environment... Read More »

What does blighted mean?

The noun "blight" is any disease that affects plants. The verb "blighted" means to infect plants with blight while the adverb "blighted" refers to a plant infected with blight. In the informal sens... Read More »

Besides fried green tomatoes, what else can I do with un-ripe tomatoes?

You can try this Green Tomato Soup Recipe...It serves 4-6 people, and you can substitute the meats for other favorites...Although, the ham gives it a great flavor!2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive o... Read More »

How many cans of tomatoes does 1 gallon of fresh tomatoes equal?

One gallon of fresh tomatoes equals approximately eight 16-oz. cans of tomatoes. According to the University of Michigan Extension Service, it takes approximately 1.5 lbs. of fresh tomatoes to make... Read More »