Bleeding tooth?

Answer See the dentist for medicine prescription. If bleedin happens at wee hour gurgle luke warm water mixed with salt.

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I just lost a part of my tooth what should I do its bleeding anyway to stop the bleeding?

first aid for a broken tooth is to put it in a cool glass of water, NOT MILK IT WILL DISOLVE THE NERVES ON YOUR TOOTH SO IT CAN"T BE CEMENTED BaCK ON and go to the emergency room. also, you may wan... Read More »

HELP! Tooth Extraction Bleeding?

I've had 2 teeth out recently and my dentist gave me a gauze thing and afterwards he said if it was still bleeding then use a hankie. The amount of actual blood is probably quite small, a little am... Read More »

Y is the top of my baby tooth bleeding?

It could be that it is getting loose and ready to fall out.

Stop Bleeding from tooth exstraction?

You need to go to your dentist! That is not normal. Don't spit out either, swallow your spit. If it doesn't stop go there as soon as You can. Not normal. It should stop bleeding between one to 3 h... Read More »