Bleeding purple blood?

Answer Once it gets to your feet, your blood has often given up a lot of the oxygen to other cells on the way down your legs. This means it's not the bright red of blood closer to your heart, with greate... Read More »

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Ive been bit by a spider which has a red back my hand gone purple and keeps bleeding what should i do?

Going to the hospital would be good...if you're telling the truth anyway...

Does blood turn purple when out of the skin?

i think its a bruise.......or it could be a blood blister

My period blood is green with tints of purple in it?

That is actually so strange! I don't think that this is real, you're either hallucinating. You should definitely see a doctor, whether you're hallucinating or not, because who's period is green wit... Read More »

Took 3 pregn test and showed all positive im having light bleeding right now purple-light pink Normal?

Answer Sometimes when the egg implants you could have some light bleeding. Contact your physician.