Bleeding finger! EMERGENCY!?

Answer Direct pressure and wrap it tight then go to emergency room

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My cat bit me and my finger is bleeding a lot; what should I do?

Not a problem this happens to me lots. :)Wash it, peroxide, band aid with some Neosporin, the off brand is just as good. Play less rough, and hug your little baby kitty:)

My finger is bleeding what should i do?

How can I stop my finger from bleeding?

you did not press long enough, pressure must be applied for at least 15 minutes, sometimes 20 to stop bleeding. Have you had a tetanus shot in the last seven years? If not, you'd better call your... Read More »

Finger nail cut and bleeding!?

Clean it with some sort of antibiotic, be it rubbing alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, or whatever you have on hand, then cover it with a bandage. That will prevent germs from getting into the wo... Read More »