Bleeding finger! EMERGENCY!?

Answer Direct pressure and wrap it tight then go to emergency room

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How do I get rid of internal bleeding in my finger?

Leave it be. The blood blister will eventually be reabsorbed back into your body. It may take a few weeks, but picking at it won't help, it will do the exact opposite.

I cut my finger how do i stop it bleeding?

Hey there:)I am a lifeguard and I see this thing all the time :PBasically,you need to apply pressure to the wound, make sure it clean and put a plaster or tight bandage on it. Depending how you cut... Read More »

Finger nail cut and bleeding!?

Clean it with some sort of antibiotic, be it rubbing alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, or whatever you have on hand, then cover it with a bandage. That will prevent germs from getting into the wo... Read More »

My finger won't stop bleeding?

Usually when you cut yourself with a razor they are only surface cuts and for some reason these cuts tend to bleed more than others. You need to apply pressure to the area or else the bleeding wont... Read More »