Bleeding after period?

Answer This link might help:, let’s define “spotting”. Spotting is when a bit of blood is passed through the vagina. Normally it doesn’t reach the und... Read More »

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Bleeding week after missed period... please help?

Implantation bleeding happens days before you miss your period.Some women have some bleeding on the first three months of pregnancy. Try to relax and wait to see what happens, if you have a normal... Read More »

Can you have implantaion bleeding a week after your period stops?

Answer I don't remember where i read this ( i think some website ) but i believe you can have implantation bleeding- something to do with the lining shedding.

I have Light bleeding after my period and now bloating and cramping is this normal?

This is completely normal to have. If these symptoms are causing problems for you see the doctor. The doctor may recomend a pill such as Pamprin to reduce these symptoms. Don't worry, lots of peopl... Read More »

Does implantation bleeding occur before or after your missed period?

implantation occurs anywhere from 6-14 days after conception (you can only conceive when you ovulate and that is usually 2 weeks before your period). So if the time line matches up right if you had... Read More »