Bleaching upper lip how to do it?

Answer i would recommend getting a hair bleaching kit from sally hansen. Its a foam and doesnt irritate or dye your skin, you really just have to mix it quick and leave it on for something like 11- 15 min... Read More »

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Pros & Cons Of Bleaching Upper lip hair?

it'll look weird, if u pluck it carefully and make the area wet with water and vaseline before hand then it shoudnt be so painful, infact it hardly is, just takes about 3-5 mins every 2 weeks.

Sudden upper chest and upper middle back pain when inhaling or moving?

Pain in the chest, accompanied by a deep cough is usually a sign of severe respiratory infection. You should see a doctor and get a chest x-ray; you probably have bronchitis and/or pneumonia.

Well, My upper tooth(right upper) was broken half leaving one third. This happened while i tried for bread sm?

I have taken 2 upper GI series xrays 10 days apart..... did these 2 upper Gi series xray's damage any of my?

No. I've checked your questions, and you've posted this nonsense many times, in several different forums. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.