Bleaching my hair, will it fall out?

Answer the health of your hair now really determines whether it will survive being bleached.First you will need to strip the brown from your hair with a low volume bleach which will leave it an off orange... Read More »

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Can Bleaching My Hair Make it Fall Out?

It's true that bleaching can make your hair fall out, but not for the reason you might think. Bleach is a powerful chemical that breaks down pigmentation and protein molecules. Here are some essent... Read More »

How to Remove Blue or Green Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching?

If you have faded dyed hair anywhere along the blue/green spectrum then you can avoid expensive trips to see a professional or having to buy colour-removing products for your hair with a simple but... Read More »

How do I get my hair red without bleaching it?

If you can't afford to get it professionally done, look up red henna for coloring hair - it works so well and is natural (from a plant). Your best bet is to go to a salon, but check out an organic ... Read More »

Why Is Bleaching Hair Bad?

Hair bleaching is a process that strips color from the hair's strand, leaving it looking yellow or white. While bleaching is a popular way to turn hair blonde, it can cause serious damage if not do... Read More »