Bleaching my hair, am I forgetting anything?

Answer I have tried many hair care products online and offline. Finally, found my winning product. It is named " ARGANRain Professional Hair Care Product " from It repair... Read More »

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How to Remove Blue or Green Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching?

If you have faded dyed hair anywhere along the blue/green spectrum then you can avoid expensive trips to see a professional or having to buy colour-removing products for your hair with a simple but... Read More »

DIY Hair Bleaching?

The process of making your hair a much lighter shade than its original color requires bleaching. Typically you will bleach your hair if you want to go more than three shades lighter. When you bleac... Read More »

Why Is Bleaching Hair Bad?

Hair bleaching is a process that strips color from the hair's strand, leaving it looking yellow or white. While bleaching is a popular way to turn hair blonde, it can cause serious damage if not do... Read More »

Bleaching black hair ?

The pros? Well you'd be able to have pink or purple hair, which would be cool for awhile, I guess. The cons? - Well, bleaching your hair takes away the majority of the strength your hair has, meani... Read More »