Blasting & Explosives Training?

Answer The Occupational Safety and Heath Administration has created guidelines for the use of explosives and blasting agents in construction operation. The agency requires that only authorized and qualifi... Read More »

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OSHA Abrasive Blasting Training?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) sets the standards for abrasive blasting safety. When working with or near abrasive blasting, there are certain hazards and precautionary meas... Read More »

How to Study the Chemistry of Explosives?

The chemistry of energetic molecules and their chemical and physical properties is concerned with organic explosives. Organic explosives are those types of explosives which are composed of hydrocar... Read More »

Where could you buy explosives to blow out trees in your back yard?

I guarantee I can cut 70 trees faster with a chain saw than explosives.I've done both.Here in the Dakotas I can still get Dynamite and caps at a local hardware store with an FEL license.We usually ... Read More »

How do Air Force Civil Engineers assist in preparing explosives site plans?

yes, as long as the E-5 is not the E-3's supervisor or anything directly over/effecting the E-3's chain of command.