Blacks and skin lightening?

Answer idk that is an awesome question.

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Are skin tags more prevalent in blacks?

A skin tag is a growth that appears as a small bump of hanging skin. Skin tags are common in adults that are pregnant or overweight and become more prevalent as a person gets older. Race does not p... Read More »

About Skin Lightening?

Skin lightening is a personal choice. Its process dates back centuries to the Far East where a milky white complexion signified status. This mentality that lighter is better still exists today with... Read More »

What is skin lightening?

The body produces a natural pigment called melanin that gives skin, hair and eyes their color. Darker skin tone is the result of higher melanin production. Skin lightening refers to a variety of me... Read More »

Skin Lightening help!?

Well if you’re serious about skin lightening, the best thing I could suggest for you to try is SWISS glutathione bar. It's a skin lightening soap, which is also very good against pimples. You jus... Read More »