Blacking out while smoking weed "too high"?

Answer Sounds like it was weed, and sounds like you were just really freakin high! Once you're tollerance goes up you'll wish you could get high like that again lol

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I randomly started to cry while smoking weed.?

Dude, weed doesn't kill people. It is not the gateway drug, none of that, it is all nonsense. It all has to do with you as a person and your mental capacity. The person died froma HEROIN overdose, ... Read More »

What happens if you take coricidin hbp while smoking weed?

You trip. I've done it several times. You feel mellow but also extremely strong. Crazy drug!

What happens while smoking weed when your pregnant?

The alchool contained withing the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol, will be fed to the unborn creature causing all the symptoms of withdrawal as any other marijuana smoking person would have. This condi... Read More »

Whats another way to get high besides smoking weed?

you can smoke a paracetamol, just crush it into a power and put it into you smoke, or if you dont like to smoke, try a glass of 3 redbulls mixed with 3tablespoons of coffee n sugar, that will get y... Read More »