Blacked out after intercourse, what could this be?

Answer more sleep?

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Could you tell if you are pregnant a couple of days after you have intercourse?

Answer You will not have a positive pregnancy test for at least 10 days after intercourse as it takes at least this long for the fertilised egg to imlant and produce enough of the pregnancy hormon... Read More »

Could light pink discharge right after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Intercourse often times causes bleeding. It is probably not a pregnancy indicator. It also depends on where you are in your cycle. But, depending on the degree of activity, bleeding can b... Read More »

If your stomach hurts two days after intercourse could that mean you are pregnant?

Answer ok if your stomach hurts a day or two after intercource that isn't a sign of pregnancy. this just means that either somthings wrong and you need to consult a doctor about in or a parent or i... Read More »

My old Hitachi ultra vision 50'' 1997 model keeps shutting itself off after a few minutes. What could this be?

your problem is heat related. what happens is that a semiconductor (transistor,diode or i/c) overheats and the junction breaks down.this is called "thermal runaway"this could be anywhere in the set.