Blackberry Storm Software Games?

Answer The Blackberry Storm has an advantage in gaming capabilities over other phones because it has motion sensors that detect movement and respond accordingly. With this capability available, some of th... Read More »

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Are the BlackBerry Thunder and the BlackBerry Storm the same phone?

The BlackBerry Thunder is the same device as the BlackBerry Storm 9530. The only difference between the two devices is that the Storm 9530 operates on the Verizon network while the Thunder is avail... Read More »

Can the BlackBerry Storm be used with AT&T?

The BlackBerry Storm is configured to work only with Verizon. As with most cell phones, however, there are ways to "unlock" the Storm. Unlocking allows you to insert a SIM card from a different car... Read More »

Who makes the BlackBerry Storm?

The BlackBerry Storm is made by Research in Motion, which produces business software as well as the BlackBerry line of phones. The Storm has a 3.25-in. touchscreen, has a camera that can take still... Read More »

Who invented the BlackBerry Storm?

The BlackBerry Storm and its successor, the BlackBerry Storm 2--both smart phones with touch-screen technology--were invented by Research In Motion (RIM), the company that manufactures the BlackBer... Read More »