Blackberry 8830 Battery Problems?

Answer Canadian electronics manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has been steadily producing mobile devices under the name Blackberry for over a decade. With a variety of models available through most ne... Read More »

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How to Connect the BlackBerry 8830 to Laptops?

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How to Replace the SIM Card on a BlackBerry 8830?

SIM cards are important in phones if your wireless provider uses them. They store all the valuable information on your phone like contacts, text messages, emails and more. If you are ever in a situ... Read More »

Blackberry 8830 Cleaning Tips?

The BlackBerry 8830 is a popular mobile phone. You can check your email, play games and surf the Internet from the device. Nevertheless, the BlackBerry 8830 can easily get dirty. You can't clean yo... Read More »

How to Take the Lock Off a BlackBerry 8830?

The BlackBerry 8830 has several security features to keep your information safe, such as data encryption and password protection. You can set your 8830 to require a password every time you turn on ... Read More »