BlackBerry playbook Google nexus 7 which is better?

Answer Obviously Google 7. All though Blackberry stand ahead in Graphics and quality to Google 7 slightly. But if you do not access to Games, App then what is the use of them. So go for Google nexus 7. Yo... Read More »

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Google nexus 7 blackberry playbook?

I'll say the Blackberry playbook. There's a very good actual user review here, on how he chose Playbook over Nexus:…And yes you can indeed install Android ... Read More »

Which is better a Google 7 nexus or a kindle fire?

Here I found a Review comparison between Kindle Fire and other tablets, should help you out on this Decision:…I would recommend you to go for the Kindle Fi... Read More »

Google playstore for blackberry playbook?

you can get the google play sotre on the playbook but there really is no need since android apps are being ported to the playbookif you stll want to do it check this link Read More »

Blackberry playbook google play store?

what does it mean?it means that android apps are entering the blackberry app worldyou dont have to do anything you would just find them normally in the blackberry app worldmany apps have been porte... Read More »