Black spider with hour glass on back?

Answer black widow

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What is the cheat code to unlock Spider-Man's black suit on Spider-Man 3?

There is no cheat code to get Spider-Man's black suit in the game "Spider Man 3." In order to unlock the black suit, you must collect all 50 spider emblems and defeat Venom, the final boss.Referenc... Read More »

I have an Athletic-Works watch that is set to 24 hour time, How do I change it back to 12 hour time?

The AW watch I have is set by pressing the "mode key" button on the lower left three times. It goes from stop watch to alarm to time set. At the time set mode, press the right hand reset button tw... Read More »

Infinite Hour Glass (Windows 7)?

Here is a forum with a bunch of threads that have very good answers to your questions:…

Help help a black widow spider just bit me on the arm?

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer, but you're probably dead by now. I guess you won't be able to give me best answer!