Black bean Brazilian recipe?

Answer Hi, Sara :)I'm not sure if you want the recipe for the beansthat most people here eat daily (you can use black or any other kind of beans for that, people from different parts of the country use d... Read More »

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Vegetarian lima bean recipe?

Yummly has vegetarian lima bean recipes at…

Would anyone have the recipe for the Warm Bean Salad served at the Chancery Restaurant?

check this:…shows a hot 5 bean recipe, think its what ur looking for

What is a black bean?

The black bean is a pea-sized variant of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) with a black skin and a white center. Black beans have long been a staple in Latin and South American cuisines.Black t... Read More »

What to do with leftover black bean burgers?

What about making south of the border pasta and beanballs?I'm thinking some kind of a spicy tomato cream sauce (tomato soup, milk, chipotle powder, diced onions, maybe some chopped olives? thickene... Read More »