Black and white photos?

Answer use photoshop and make your picture black and white, then print.

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How to Do Makeup for Black & White Photos?

Black and white photography records colors on a gray scale. Balancing color and definition with contrast is the key to beautiful black and white pictures. Without color to draw the eye away from fl... Read More »

How to Color Black & White Photos?

By adding bits of color to a black and white photograph, you can make specific features of the photograph stand out. This can be helpful when making an eye-catching image or a memorable photo to be... Read More »

Are there any digital cameras you can use for black and white photos?

Pretty much all of them will allow B&W shooting under the "color" menu or "white balance" menu or somewhere in the menu structure. If not, you can always take the color out in almost any image pro... Read More »

How to Take Flattering Black and White Self Photos?

Natural Light(bright light)It isn't hard to take extremely flattering photos of yourself using black and white, but it does take a little bit of practice and knowledge to successfully pull off the ... Read More »