"Black Star, Bright Dawn" Activities?

Answer Scott O'Dell is a children's author who has composed 26 novels for youth, as well as novels and nonfiction books for adults. O'Dell attended several colleges, served in the U.S. Air Force and worke... Read More »

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How do you cover bright pink bright orange bright blue and bright green paint with chocolate brown paint?

What is the bright star in the evening sky?

Many people think the North Star (Polaris) is the brightest star in the evening sky, but this is incorrect; in fact, it is not even one of the forty brightest stars from the Earth. From our vantage... Read More »

How bright is the brightest star in the sky?

Astronomers measure the brightness of stars on a scale known as "apparent magnitude," where large, negative numbers indicate greater brightness. On this scale, the brightest star as seen from earth... Read More »

What are the codes for the bright star remote?

the codes for the bright star remote are 36C578TY