Black Spots on Schefflera?

Answer Schefflera's common name is umbrella tree. It is a medium-sized houseplant that resembles a potted tree. Like many houseplants, schefflera is prone to attack from fungal diseases and insects that c... Read More »

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2 Black spots on my gums?

You answered mine so i'll answer yours ;3I looked it up and it said that black spots on your gums could be oral cancer. ( i hope not teeth are bad too Dx) or mabey...(copied and pasted fro... Read More »

Why do I see these black spots?

this has nothing to do with your eyes. as your dr said you have low blood pressure. and that is BAD. when we stand up our blood pressure drops. when YOU stand up your blood pressure drops rapidly. ... Read More »

Black Spots on Cactus?

Cacti belong to the category of plants known as succulents, distinguished by their ability to survive in the hottest and most arid regions of the world by retaining large amounts of moisture throug... Read More »

Black Spots on Live Oak Leaves?

Live oak leaves should be flat, dark green and healthy. This allows the oak tree to photosynthesize and turn sunlight into energy for processing nutrients and moving water throughout the structure ... Read More »