Black People's Hair Growth?

Answer The exact process for disassembling the dash board in your Honda Civic will depend on the year of your car. The dash contains the radio, heater controls, steering column and instrument cluster, and... Read More »

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How to Straighten Black Peoples' Hair?

Because black people's hair is kinkier, it is difficult for the oil secreted by the scalp to get to the ends of the hair. It is fragile, and the structure of the hair is prone to breakage. The most... Read More »

Simple Hairstyles for Black Girls' Hair to Help Hair Growth?

For many black women the process of growing long hair can seem impossible. The main culprit, in the process, is dryness. Black hair tends toward dryness and as a result can be brittle and break ea... Read More »

Fast Hair Growth for Black Hair?

Black hair comes in many textures, but it usually has spiral curls. This is the main difference between black hair and the hair of other ethnicities. Long, beautiful black hair is possible, but onl... Read More »

Natural Black Hair Growth?

It's a myth that black hair doesn't grow. In fact, it does grow, usually at the average rate of 1/2 inch per month. One of the reasons black hair doesn't appear to grow as quickly is because the na... Read More »