Black Onyx History?

Answer Onyx is a smooth type of quartz that is considered a semi-precious stone. Originally the term onyx referred to many varieties of onyx, including black, brown, white and striated. In the Victorian... Read More »

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Difference Between Black Onyx & Black Sapphire?

Black onyx and black sapphire have very different properties, even though they are similar in color. Careful observation can sometimes determine if a black stone is an onyx or a sapphire, but a gem... Read More »

Are black diamonds&black onyx the same stone?

Black diamonds and black onyx are two very different stones. Black diamonds are a form of diamond called Carbonado that actually has formed in stellar supernovae explosions. Onyx (and black onyx) i... Read More »

Can black onyx be baked?

On One Hand: Onyx Used in StonewareBlack onyx is frequently used in stoneware which is, in turn, used in baking. Stoneware dishes made from black onyx are often designed specifically for the purpos... Read More »

Where is black onyx found?

Black onyx is a stone that's typically found with white bands running through it, so jewelers dye it to be uniformly black. Onyx is found almost everywhere in the world, but it is mined primarily i... Read More »