Black Lights & Apparel?

Answer You don't have to be into Pink Floyd to appreciate the fascinating effects of light-colored clothing under black lights. It may be embarrassing to be caught around a black light showing lint on you... Read More »

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How to Use Black Lights?

The kinds of specialized ultraviolet lights known as "black lights" have a specific set of uses. This kind of ultraviolet light is part of the spectrum that does not present itself to the eye, lead... Read More »

How to Black Out the Lights on My 3000GT?

One popular modification to do to the 3000GT is to black out the headlights or the taillights. This can blend in the lenses to a black paint job or just remove some of the red from the back of the ... Read More »

Are all black lights UV rated?

On the electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet (UV) radiation has a wavelength of 40 to 400 nanometers, which falls between x-rays and visible light. Black light has a wavelength of 320 to 400 nanome... Read More »

Who invented black lights?

The black light invented by renowned scientist Dr. William Byler, who studied phosphors. Robert Williams Wood created a special glass used in lieu of the dyed glass developed by Dr. Byler. Howeve... Read More »