Black LCD...CCFL inverter board?

Answer Have you tried pressing the Fn/F5 at the same time? How do you know that the inverter board is pulling 10.5 volts of power or that it needs 18v? Before replacing any further parts you need to check... Read More »

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What is an inverter board?

An inverter board is a small circuit board found in the base of a laptop display screen. It controls the flow of power to the bulbs that light the screen. When an inverter fails, data remains disp... Read More »

How to Fix an Inverter Board?

The monitor of your laptop or computer has a light output that is regulated by a long, thin board called the inverter. The inverter controls the flow of power from the power source of the laptop or... Read More »

What is a LCD Inverter board for?

it is for lighting a LCD screen like a backlight

What is a laptop inverter board?

The inverter board supplies power for the screen backlight. The voltage requirement for a screen backlight differs from the voltage supplied by the motherboard, so the inverter board performs the c... Read More »