Black Hairstyles of the 1800s?

Answer Black hairstyles have often shaped trends, such as Afros, intricate braids and even hair weaves. Trends in black hair did not start until slavery was abolished in 1865. Before that time, African ha... Read More »

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How to Do Hairstyles from the 1800s?

Men's hairstyles in the 1800s were relatively simple and do not vary much from today's traditional cuts. Women's hairstyles in the 1800s were generally very long. Society deemed long hair a mark an... Read More »

1800s Ball Hairstyles?

The 1800s saw major changes in history as the world become industrialized, and the monarchies in multiple European countries saw changes in power. With these major changes came a wave of new hairst... Read More »

The Long Hairstyles of the 1800s?

Two major differences exist between 21st- and 19th-century long hairstyles: technology and choice. During the 1800s, women styled their hair around their limitations --- electricity, hairstyling ap... Read More »

1800s Male Hairstyles?

Men's hair styles were taken seriously in the 1800s. On April 30, 1801, General James Wilkinson, commander of the United States Army, decreed that officers and privates must have short hair. In 180... Read More »