Black Hairstyles in 1963?

Answer The hair of many African Americans is unique in the texture and consistency. The curls are tight and the hair is often thicker than that of other races. In the 1960s, African Americans were express... Read More »

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Hairstyles in 1963?

Hairstyles in the early 1960s represent the transition from the popular-teased styles of the fifties to a more natural and straight look--such as the Afro and Hippie hair--that would dominate the m... Read More »

Emo Black Hairstyles?

Emo refers to a style of fashion and music influenced somewhat by punk rock that has characteristics of melodrama and longing. Emo hair has a range of acceptable hairstyles, and ebony black hair is... Read More »

Hairstyles for Black Men?

Black men have naturally curly hair, ranging from loose curls to very tight curls. There are quite a few options for hairstyles for black men. Depending on your lifestyle, you can have a radical l... Read More »

How to Do Different Black Hairstyles?

Black hair has a unique texture and different styling needs than most other types of hair. As black hair is porous, it accepts and loses moisture easily. Thus, the hair can become quite brittle, dr... Read More »