Black Female Hairstyles of the '70s?

Answer The 1970s were a time of great freedom to be natural, which was reflected in the hairstyles of black women during that decade. Rather than trying to emulate their white counterparts, for the first ... Read More »

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Short Hairstyles for a Black Female?

Cutting your hair short is an instant way to create a dramatic new look. For some African-American women, it's also a necessity if their hair has become too damaged from the constant use of chemica... Read More »

Female Celebrity Hairstyles?

Celebrities provide popular inspiration for females looking for a new hairstyle. Whether you are looking for a daring new hairdo or a more classic style, chances are there is a celebrity who has al... Read More »

Female Teen Hairstyles?

Teen hairstyles can be among the most original and fun of any age. But they also need to be easy and practical. There are a few new gadgets that can also make dramatic hairstyles without much fuss ... Read More »

Female Emo Bang Hairstyles?

While many popular hairstyles aspire to be timeless and classic, the emo look embraces its trendiness while still pushing the envelope on individual expression. Popular among young people, emo has ... Read More »