Bizarre, stupid or just plain annoying comments regarding vegetarianism?

Answer My personal favorite; "Plants have feelings too"

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Does anyone else think Vegetarianism is stupid?

There are many many vegetarian Christians, the difference is, they know eating or not eating meat or eating and using other animal based products has nothing at all to do with salvation or forgiven... Read More »

Diabetes - why the stupid comments against those with the condition.?

For some, there is a link between type 2 diabetes and being overweight. However that is not the case for every type 2 nor is it the case for type 1 diabetics.I think that we can thank the media fo... Read More »

When did you first realize that Google Wave is confusing, proprietaryish, and really just plain annoying?

about a week after i started using it lolz

What is stupid youtube guys always posting in the comments section?

Yes i know them, they can be found on movie trailers. they are advertising for a website called (which doesn't exist) and there all spam bots, don't believe them