Bitten by centipede! advise asap?

Answer Centipedes have a painful bite, but the good news is that the pain is often the worst of it. Centipede bites are not toxic enough to be deadly. If you are bitten by a centipede, here are steps that... Read More »

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What are the affects if bitten by a centipede?

Generally speaking, centipede bites are painful, last about two days (not counting the wound healing), and are almost never fatal.There are four major classes of centipede. All are poisonous, with ... Read More »

How do I plant centipede sod?

Prepare the area you're planting. Till the soil to break it up and prepare it for the centipede sod. Ground tillers are available for rent from home and garden shops.Mix in lime and 5-10-5 fertiliz... Read More »

Centipede bit me!!!!!!help.?

Only some species of centipede can be hazardous to humans because of their bite. Although a bite to an adult human is usually very painful and may cause severe swelling, chills, fever, and weakness... Read More »

How do I install centipede sod?

PreparationGrade the lawn in a way that slopes the soil away from buildings in order to facilitate proper drainage. Till the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches and remove all foreign objects and rema... Read More »