Bit worried Females only please thanks?


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My Lil Sis is Worried She's 12 and still has not gotten "IT" (FEMALES ONLY!)?

Reassure her that we all develop at different rates and that other girls will ALWAYS find something to make a BIG DEAL out of or even pick on her. Teach her to NOT react when others are fools this... Read More »

What's the inplant like females only please?

In the US I got Nexplanon, same thing different name, and it's been great. It does hurt when the shot to numb you is given then putting in the implant isn't too bad. I was on the pill before and al... Read More »

Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?

How much space does a 32GB iPad 2 on Wi-Fi only take up. I know it will be a little bit under like 30GB. Can anybody please tell me the exact amount. Thanks?

the real price for the I pad is $500. but the screen is about 100-$200