Birth- how painful are we talking?

Answer Giving birth cannot be compared to any pain you have every had, because it is so unique--and normally pain signifies something is "wrong." In this case, pain is just part of a very amazing process... Read More »

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Is giving birth painful for a 13-year-old girl who desperately wants a water and natural birth?

Using water in your labour, and having a 'natural' birth will greatly increase your chances of having a rewarding, positive and less painful birth. Having a water birth will help lessen your chance... Read More »

How painful is child birth ....... really?

Labor hurts. How much it hurts depends on your labor, your expections (if you think it's going to horrible, it will be horrible), your preparation (tension can increase pain, so learning about wha... Read More »

Is it painful giving birth?

For some people it does & for some it does not, it depends on you & how well you have prepared for the birth. I am a Doula I am trained to help women give birth. I provide comfort measures, tips, t... Read More »

Is giving birth to a kid painful?

yes it is , the hardest part is the contractions, when they hit you, your not going to even think about the pain of pushing him or her out, you would want to and quick .