Bird Science Activities for Kids?

Answer If you ask a kid about his favorite bird, he will probably have a ready answer -- maybe a penguin, owl or woodpecker. With such an interesting variety to choose from, students usually welcome the l... Read More »

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Hands-On Science Activities for Kids?

Many children find it challenging to learn science subject matter. Learning is more effective when it is assimilated through hands-on activities that involve the child in an active way. Many prin... Read More »

Physical Science Activities for Kids?

Physical science activities are a way for children to learn more about the world around them and how things work. Physical science encompasses all of the non-living components of the world and inv... Read More »

Science Electricity Activities for Kids?

We use electricity every day, often without wondering how it works and how it makes our lives easier. Teachers and parents can help kids understand and appreciate electricity with a number of simpl... Read More »

Quick Science Activities for Kids?

There are many science experiments that kids can do with little time, effort or materials but will still be interesting and educational for them. We all wonder how some things work, and it's intere... Read More »