Biracial father white mother baby will be white or black?

Answer They will be both...clearly.

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Biracial mother white father what will baby look like?

If the father white and mother is black will their baby be black or white?

Opinion Black, because black is dominant to white. In some cases though the baby will be a lighter color of black, like more of a brown.  Opinion I am not sure I understand the question? Do you me... Read More »

What does a baby look like that has white mother black father?

They are usually what is called half-cast they aren't usually born white but they aren't very dark skinned they have a light brown skin tone usually it depends on how light or dark the parents skin... Read More »

Can a white mother and mixed father have a white and blond baby?

Yes, they can have a baby with blond hair if the mother has the gene that produces blonde hair (recessive) and also if the father has the same gene. It would be best if they both had blonde hair, b... Read More »