Biotin pills for thin hair?

Answer Biotin is normally found in eggs, I take biotin pills to and I haven't noticed to much of a difference but I heard it's mostly for hair growth not thickness. Try taking a multi vitamin that might h... Read More »

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Do biotin pills work?

It works best when you take b complex pills and biotin pills together. But yeah they're safe and work. They helped my hair grow and made my nails strong

Can I drink Pepsi with my biotin pills?

Hey I take biotin too and read that you should only take vitamins and meds with save the Pepsi for another time. I stopped drinking sodas this past year and feel so much better. I know ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer with Biotin for hair?

Using Biotin to grow hair longer is an effective way for results. You can add a few extra inches to hair each month and build your hair volume drastically. Always make sure your hair has natural oi... Read More »

Does biotin help hair grow?

On One Hand: Role of BiotinBiotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in cell growth which aids in the growth of brittle or thinning hair. If one has a biotin deficiency, hair thinni... Read More »