Biology Honors Science Fair Topics?

Answer Biology is the science of living things. However, a biology science fair project does not have to be complex in order to receive honors. It does have to be investigative, and well thought out and ... Read More »

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Marine Biology Science Fair Topics?

When Aristotle wrote circa 350 B.C.E., he identified various mollusks, crustaceans and other fish. He also classified species according to vertebrae and recognized some as warm-blooded. Because of ... Read More »

Biology Topics for a Science Fair Project?

Science fair projects provide students with critical opportunities to learn science in a hands-on manner and connect it to real life. In addition, they provide most students' first introduction to ... Read More »

Biology Science Fair Topics for High School Students?

There are many resources available online as well as at your school or local library to begin your research. Decide what area of biology you want to focus on such as human, zoological or botanical.... Read More »

Science Project Ideas for Grade 9 Honors Biology?

Science projects are an effective way of engaging pupils with science theories in a fun, exciting and challenging way. They can also be useful in rallying the flagging interest of pupils towards th... Read More »