Biography of Paz M Latorena?

Answer adula amin

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What is a brief summary of 'The Small Key' by Paz Latorena?

THE SMALL KEY "The Small Key" is a short story by Philipino author Paz Latorena. It is about a woman named Soledad who is married to a man named Pedro Buhay. They live on a farm. One morning Soleda... Read More »

Character of the small key by paz latorena?

Soledad-the wife Pedro Buhay-husband Dr. Santos- doctor Tia Maria- Aunt

Summary of the small key by paz m latorena?

Dorian's portrait was painted by Basil Hallward, an artist friend. In a Faustian way, Dorian sells his soul to the devil and the painting will age instead of him. After being corrupted by Lord Henr... Read More »

Plot of the small key by paz m latorena?

THE SMALL KEYby Paz latorenaIt was very warm. The sun, up above a sky that was all blue and tremendous and beckoning to birds ever on the wing, shone bright as if determined to scorch everything un... Read More »