Biodiesel Water Removal?

Answer Biodiesel is an excellent eco-friendly fuel that be refined at home through a fairly simple process. One of the most important factors in the process is removing water from the fuel. If your biodie... Read More »

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Water Spot Removal From a Windshield?

Water spots on your windshield probably won't obstruct your view, but they can be annoying, especially if you just washed your car. Simple procedures and supplies will keep your windshield clean an... Read More »

Car Window Water Stain Removal?

Those of us who are proud of our cars spend a lot of time keeping them clean on the outside and inside. We worry about spots or scratches left on the paint, and we panic whenever a flock of birds ... Read More »

The Removal of a Water Spot From a Chrome Car?

If your automobile is a shining chrome showpiece, it can be frustrating to see the finish marred by water spots. Removing those spots from the car's chrome is essentially the same task as removing ... Read More »

Lincoln Town Car Water Pump Removal?

The engine overheating on a Lincoln Town Car is one of the main indications that the water pump may be malfunctioning. The water and antifreeze mixture need to be distributed throughout the engine ... Read More »