Bing, Ask, or Google?

Answer Google.1. It's original.2. It loads faster.3. It's more organized.4. It's the most used search engine on the internet.5. It has a great Mail system

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Bing or Google, which is the best?

The only good Bing thing is mr Crosby!!Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle all the way..:D…PS--Its not always about which is the best, its about having the... Read More »

What do you think is better Google or Bing?

Bing vs Google/?

Do you Bing or Google?

I use Bing!!!its much easier.. less complicated!&Every time you go on you get a cool NEW screen saver everyday with new facts.its awesome!Like today its..People on a canoe with a swan!and if you cl... Read More »