Binary Number System Activities for Middle School Math?

Answer The binary numeral system refers to the representation of values using only two symbols, 1 and 0. Because of its straightforward usage in circuits, the binary system has been established as the lan... Read More »

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Fun Math Activities for the Middle School?

Mathematics is a core subject at school, and forms the basis of a lifelong skill which is essential to everyday life. Despite its importance, maths is often found to be boring by students, and teac... Read More »

First Day Activities for Middle School Math?

Many school children have the jitters when it comes to the first day of middle school as they are introduced to new classmates, a new teacher and new subjects to study. While math may not be the po... Read More »

Middle School Math Activities for Halloween?

No matter what age, students love Halloween. Intigrating the holiday into a classroom lesson is easy and gives children break from a traditional lesson plan. Middle school Halloween math activities... Read More »

Middle School Math Activities on Symmetry?

When an image has two sections that mirror each other, the image has symmetry. One could draw a line between the two portions, and both sides would look identical. Symmetry is an important concept ... Read More »